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Legal advice

Legal advice

The most of our clients are asking us, if they need to use a lawyer when buying a property here in Spain:

The best legal advice and answer to this is definite a yes!
We would advise anyone considering buying property anywhere in the world that they should use a lawyer
to protect their interests. The vast majority of horror stories that we hear can be traced back to not
taking the appropriate advice at the appropriate time.
This advice is especially poignant following the recent problems we have seen with the licencing
issues throughout the Costa del Sol.
Whilst many of these issues have now been resolved and it is easy to check the legality
of the property you area buying, the use of a lawyer will give you that final good feeling,
that you are buying legal property.

We also get asked whether it is better to use a lawyer in your home country or one based in Spain.
Again we would always recommend using a lawyer with local knowledge as this can make the whole
process very much more straightforward.

Before you consider buying a property you may want to consider whether it would be better to do the purchase
in your own name, that of a UK or Spanish company or even for inheritance tax planning in the names of your children.
Before you make any decision it will be worthwhile taking professional legal and financial advice.

We have a panel of lawyers in Spain who are speaking different languages and are able to cover the
requirements of all Nationalities.
If you would like to speak to a lawyer, give us a call and we will arrange
for an independent lawyer to contact you.