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Spanish Fiestas and Ferias on the Costa del Sol

Spanish party style, day and night!
The intention to give you all the dates in advance is, that you can plan your stay on the Costa del Sol around the dates on
different places.
The dates below have been checked and are set for the year 2016:
Take note, that during the week of festivities most businesses are closed in the afternoon.


6.June - 12. June
It is like the beginning of the summer! The 1. major Feria on the Costa del Sol and it shows on the streets.
After the winter people can´t wait to get out and enjoy the sunshine.
The colors in the streets are as vibrant as the atmosphere. Marbella stands still for a week!


5.July - 10. July
Priciple feria of the Municipality - and never short of trying to match the previous month which was the Feria in Marbella.
Neighbouring Municipalities rivalry results common good for everyone!


15. August - 20. August
Gotta love this one! This is a unique feria, because the town if Benahavis has maintained its charme throughout
the years of growth on the Costa del Sol. Ironically, the road leading to a Cul de Sac, so a one way street to the feria.
Highly recommended to take a taxi there and back! The police are always waiting at the end of the street.


12. August - 21. August
This is by far one of the largest Ferias of the Costa del Sol with a huge firework displayed on the 1. day at midnight
on the popular Malagueta beach and another spectacular displayed on the final night at the Cortijo de Torres.


24. June - 29. June
  A melting pot of cultures all doing the same thing from the Spanish culture, it is Feria time!
It is so easy to go with the flow during the Feria, anything else would not be advisable. Enjoy, watch people, and enjoy some more..
Certainly, something to write home about.

Mijas Costa: 

7. September - 12. September
 A traditional Feria in comparison to the Municipalities surrounding the town, like Benalmadena, Fuengirola or
Much more intimate, but certainly not lacking in flair and atmosphere.


6. October - 12. October
Stalls are open throughout the town with typical Spanish music, food, drinks and dancing - lots of dancing!
There is also an excellent exhibition of Spanish horses in the processions.
A multicultural community with a lot of European countries represented. You would not know,
that is the case as everyone blends in and joins he Feria.
28. September - 2. October
While the Feria is officially held for 5 days, it includes a number of events in the run-up to the main celebrations,
spilling over  into more than a week of festivities.
Traditionally free paella is served every day of the week.

San Pedro de Alcantara:

14. October - 19. October
  Just like Marbella is deemed to be the opening Feria to the Feria season, San Pedro de Alcantara has the status of being
the one to close the festivities until the next year. Meaning, that everyone comes out in force, No Exceptions!
Just one more time to dance in the streets...

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